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What it is: wpkgMessage is a tool which shows a splash screen during wpkg deployment process informing the user of the wpkg installation progress.
How to use it: Create a group policy startup script like that:

%WPKGPATH%\wpkg.js /synchronize
%WPKGPATH%\wpkgMessage.exe /terminate

Within every package add the following call as first installation/remove/upgrade command:

%WPKGPATH%\wpkgMessage.exe /package <package descriptive name> <action>

where <action> can be install, upgrade or remove. Install is assumed if no action is specified.

Example: %WPKGPATH%\wpkgMessage.exe /package "Internet Explorer" install
How to obtain: The latest version can always be found here.

Other wpkg tools can be found here.
License: The software is released under the GPL.